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Ever since he's blessed me with a character drawing my videos have been off the charts. Most of the time I'm answering questions about my videos it's: "who drew that character for you?"

David White
Whiteys Wicked Workshop

Not only have we adopted the little cartoon 'Jamesy' for our main show logo but Cameron has created further caricatures for the different sections throughout the episodes. What a talented dude, thanks man!!

James Culley
The Rebel Base Build
A HUGE Thank You to the Sketch Guy Nevada for providing us with an amazing graphic! You can find more of his awesome work on Facebook and on YouTube
The Smugglers Room

About Sketchy Guy Nevada

Cameron Ferguson,

Sketchy Guy Nevada

I am a cartoonist and illustrator. I love the craft. I switched to digital a few years ago and I am amazed at the worlds it has opened. 

I love science fiction, hence my Northern Nevada X-Wing and Gaslands selections. I have a perfect wife and three awesome kids, hence the school selections. I also have a predilection toward the spiritual hence the Evolve Selections (nod to the Cluster!). I love to expand my horizons, hence the use of the word "hence" which I feel is far too under-used in the English language, so doing custom work is a passion as well!

The sale of many of the items benefit charities or organizations. I can also design items for family events or holiday vacations!

Feel free to contact me to create a custom work and to get it printed on the products just for you, your organization, or your family!

If you have any feedback please contact me, I would love to hear from you!